Adult Hearing Tests

Adults with questions about their hearing levels, tinnitus and balance concerns may need several tests. One of the most common and valuable tests is a comprehensive audiological evaluation. This evaluation of the hearing system is also known as a “hearing test”.

A hearing test is actually several different tests that are designed to evaluate the system that allows us to hear noises and to understand conversations. There are 4 different parts.


  • Pure tone testing measures the lowest level that someone can hear a tone across a range of frequencies (pitches) in one ear at a time.

  • Speech testing assesses how many words can be correctly identified at a consistent loudness in each ear.
Impedance testing
  • Tympanograms are a test that measures the movement of the eardrum and the condition of the middle ear.

  • Acoustic reflexes testing which helps asses the function of the middle ear as well as the auditory nerve by looking at the response of the ear to sound.

Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) are a quick and simple test that assesses how well certain structures (hair cells) of the cochlea (inner ear) are working.

Together these tests provide information about how well the ear is working and, if there is a problem, what options are available for assistance.

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