Welcome from the Doctors of Audiology at Alliance Hearing and Balance Center!

June DiMatteo, AuD
Susan Dey-Sigman, AuD
Sara Carnevale Fearon, AuD

What makes Alliance Hearing and Balance Center your choice for audiological care?


  • We understand that hearing loss creates problems in many areas of our lives – in conversations at work, at home, at school and in social situations. And that these problems can create frustration and isolation.

  • We know that some children struggle in school because they cannot process speech well, even though they have normal hearing.

  • We know how embarrassing it can be to misunderstand a conversation.

  • We believe that hearing is precious and needs to be protected from the effects of excessively loud noise or music.

  • We understand that balance problems can make even simple activities difficult and a worry.

  • We believe that you deserve not only someone who performs evaluations, but an audiologist who listens to your concerns, explains test results and works with you for personalized solutions.


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