We are specialized surgeons of the ear, nose and throat.

We invite you to explore this website to find the answers to some of your questions and to learn more about the field of ear, nose and throat care. The symptoms of the head and neck are often not caused by what your body might have you think. For instance, many people are surprised to learn that a cough may be caused by acid reflux. We also offer a wide range of treatments from a prescription, a nasal irrigation to vitamin supplements.

We strive to give our patients a balanced view of their options and, when the choice is surgery, to provide the most current techniques and to minimize its risks and discomforts.

Also, in partnership with our doctors of audiology, we want to improve on the experience of buying a hearing aid. We want people to enjoy the benefits of a hearing aid, not have it sitting unused in a drawer.

We care for children, sinus/nasal problems and cosmetic issues, and this website will help you appreciate what else we can offer. When you are done, we suggest that the safest way to find the answer to a question or problem is to see the physician or audiologist. Please call us for an appointment. We take pride in the personal attention and helpfulness of our staff, as well as the efforts we all make to see you as quickly as possible.

This website will introduce you to our practice, but it also is a source of general information about head and neck medical problems. Have some fun with it. We bet that you will learn something new about ENT. Start with our index or “test your ENT knowledge”. Our job is to understand your point of view and to have you better understand what is happening to you.

Call 331-9690.  We look forward to meeting and getting to know you.


Alliance ENT

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